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The now and future Cyrano's Theatre Company is dedicated to Jerry Harper and the high standards he established.

Audition Notice:

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    November 1 at Cyrano's


Mark your calendars for this important audition. Cyrano’s Theatre Company is auditioning roles for six women for Eve Ensler’s play Emotional Creature on Saturday, November 1 beginning at 11:00 a.m. at Cyrano’s. We will have callbacks on November 2 at 11:00 a.m. We are looking to cast six multi-ethnic roles for young women, that can play ages 14-25 years old. Specifically, the script dictates roles for Kenyan, Congolese, Bulgarian, and Chinese women and the other roles call for young American women (race/ethnicity is not specified).

Please bring a one or two minute monologue and a song from contemporary musical theatre-pop style or a song from Emotional Creature. We will also do cold readings from the script. Dress and wear shoes to do some simple, light movement with recorded music. Also bring your calendars so you can provide us with your availability for some early rehearsals (early December) with dance (possibly 1-2 evenings/week), before full rehearsals begin in January 2015.

For the music audition, there are three options from the show that will be e-mailed to you upon request: 1. 'Falling'; 2. 'How to Be a Girl'; 3.' I Am an Emotional Creature'. A contemporary popular song/ballad is also acceptable. Bring a complete and clear copy of the sheet music with you for selections outside of the show (in other words a completely readable photocopy, if not an original, making sure that no part of the piano part is missing or unreadable.) We will have an accompanist available. Please e-mail Julia Cossman, Music Director: by October 30 with the name of your piece and provide the song name, show title (if it is from a musical) and the composer’s name. Live accompaniment is preferred, but karaoke-style performance is also acceptable. A CD player will be provided.

Rehearsals for the play will begin in January 2015 and the show will run February 12 to mid March.

For more information, please call 274-2599 or email

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