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The now and future Cyrano's Theatre Company is dedicated to Jerry Harper and the high standards he established.


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Cyrano's is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, and your contributions are tax deductable.

For more information call Cyrano's at (907) 274-2599 or email us.

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Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our supporters, helping us keep live theatre thriving in downtown Anchorage.

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Membership Levels

  • Poets: up to $99
  • Friends: $100 +
  • Lovers: $250 +
  • Directors: $1,000 +
  • Producers $2,500 +
  • Angels: $5,000 +
  • Benefactors: $10,000 plus

Business Sponsors

  • Supporters: $100 +
  • Corporate Contributors: $500 +
  • Presenting Sponsors: $1000 +
  • Underwriters: $5000 +
  • Benefactors: $10,000 plus

Contributor Recognition

Our heartfelt thanks go to our supporters.


Edward Albee
Candace Bell
Linda and George Benson
Bernie Blaine
Janet and Richard Burmeister
Michael Carey
Art and Lynn Coupoulos
Brian and Sharon Davies
William and Nancy Davis
Francis Dearman
Suehyla El Attar
Robert and Heidi Ely
Heather Flynn
Jack Frost
Todd Gerber
Dianne and Bowen Gillings
A. Bell and D. Gingrich
Sandy Harper
John Havelock
Susan Heggen
Catherine L. Irwin
E. Jean Kaufman
Bruce and Audrey Kelly
Mary Geddes and Kevin McCoy
Nicholsa and Lita Oppegard
Kerry and Connie Ozer
Jean M. Paal
Veronica Page
Marius and Sylvia Panzerella
Theodore and Claire Pease
Helen V Peters
CJ and TB Petersen
Thom and Joan Peterson
Peter E. Porco
Catherine E. Rasmuson
The Reichmans
Jack Roderick
James and Flo Rooney
Evan and Barbara Rose
John and Beth Rose-Levy
Bernadine and David Ruskin
David Dempsey and Krista Schwarting
KC Kaltenborn and Catherine Shumacher
Dean Dunsmore and Regina Sleater
Nicholas and Rebecca VanWyck
David Edgecombe and Elizabeth Ware
Collette R. Weber
Douglas and Janice Welch
Gordon and Linda Wetzel
Sharon White
Patricia Yenney
Marvin and Judith Young
Mark and Rosemary Zimmerman


AK Sisters in Crime
Laine Dreas and Brown Eyed Girls Productions
TBA Theatre Company

Major Contributors

National Endowment for the Arts
Alaska State Council on the Arts
Municipality of Anchorage Arts Advisory Commission/Arts and Culture Foundation ConocoPhillips Alaska
Nerland Agency
The Atwood Foundation
Rasmuson Foundation
CIRI Foundation
BP Corporation
Fran and David Rose Foundation
The Alaska Community Foundation


Whether it's wielding a paintbrush, folding programs or helping our fundraising efforts, your talent and energy is the key to our future. Come join Alaskans for whom the theatre is an essential part of living. Your efforts will have real meaning to you and your community, plus you'll have a great time as well. Contact us to hear about our current volunteer opportunities.

Wish List

Cyrano's is often in need of props, clothing and furniture for our productions. We also need various office and administrative materials and equipment. Cyrano's is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation and contributions are tax deductible.

Current needs:

Pickup truck
Sewing machine
Help with keeping the props and costumes organized

We need a whole spectrum of volunteers to help with organizational, operational and maintenance tasks that help make our theatre run smoothly. Carpenters and painters are especially welcome.

We will match your talents, skills and interests to our needs.

Every task is appreciated, from distributing posters to folding programs to encouraging others to come to the theatre!

Call Cyrano's at (907) 274-2599

Program Ads “This Message Sponsored by…”

You’ve heard that line often enough on Public Radio and TV, now you can sponsor your own message in Cyrano’s Theatre Company play programs and help support Cyranos. Promote your business, announce an engagement (or propose beginning one,) congratulate your employee of the month, or just show your support for the arts!

For more information contact us.

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